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Coral Stone

Natural coral stone has become a product of great utility and preference for designers of landscapes, swimming pools and other exterior works. It offers a natural beauty, durability, and quality.

Coral stone is used on exteriors, swimming pool coping, wall cladding, floors, chimneys, planters, and benches, to embellish any natural landscape. In addition to its beauty, our coral stone, provides durability while maintaining a pleasant, cool temperature in even the most extreme climates. Its resistance to rain, heat and the cold has been proven coral stone to be the preferred material for tropical countries. Its resistance to intense cold of -40 degrees Fahrenheit has also been verified in freezing climates.

Patios and exteriors are often given a luxurious, tasteful look with coral stone. Its versatility can also be seen in columns, balusters, cornices, and paving stones that can beautify terraces, stair cases, and corridors.

All Standard Sizes In Stock

Our Finishes


Coraldom has been dedicated to the production of rocks from local quarries and our “Monte Cristo” marble is no exception. A very versatile limestone rock of great beauty and hardness, exclusive from Coraldom.


We have the presentation Vein Cut and Cross Cut at the endings:


Natural, Polished, stabbed and bush hammered.


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All Standard Sizes In Stock

special pieces

foto presentacion piezas especiales en marmol

Our company has the latest technology in the manufacture of custom architectural pieces to meet the customer at the best time and accuracy in the market.


Our special pieces can be manufactured both in coral and in our Monte Cristo marble.

Our special parts are manufactured with the latest CNC technology, which allows us to be as accurate as possible and shorten delivery times to customers.

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All Standard Sizes In Stock


Our unique colonial line has been a true witness of the past offering a sophisticated classic look for those who only seek excellence.



Perfect for :


  • Residence Facade

  • Hotels

  • Golf Courses

  • Interior and Exterior

  • Public Parks



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Honed And Bevelled


Split Face


Honed And Filed







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