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The use of natural rocks such as coral stone and marble in floors and cladding has had a big impact worldwide during the last few years, in the world of both design and construction.

From the finest coral stone quarries in the Dominican Republic, we excavate the type of product our clients deserve, with a quality that characterizes us, while strictly maintaining a rigorous quality-assurance process.

Coraldom owns the best Dominican coral stone and marble, and along with the best Italian technology, we are able to make products that allow your projects to be true works of art.

The time devoted and the best quality of our products are of the highest importance and priority for our company. This has led us to be able to explore, research, and offer the best coral stone in the world to you.

Our distribution center and warehouses in Miami, Florida maintain a consistent stock of over 1,000,000 square feet of the most common formats of coral stone used by our clients. This guarantees our clients the immediate availability of our products when your order is placed.

Since our products are completely natural, we hold true to our mission in conserving and preserving a "greener" environment. We further exercise this mission by providing innovative construction ideas with the use of our products.

We envision ourselves as the leader in the extraction, production and commercialization of natural stones.

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