Our Quarries

Coraldom Team

Our quarries are large enough to allow us to offer our clients homogeneous products regardless of the quantity required for any project.

The pure, white color of our quarries' coral stone comes from the limestone formed in shallow warm seas near tropical regions where the contribution of debris (the disintegration of body residue) is less important.

Our quarries have the ability to offer different and rich shades of this magnificent coral stone. These shades range from a light cream, to almost white, to pink to a beautiful yellow ochre. Since we have the ability to offer all of these rich shades, we can satisfy the demand of our most innovative clients.

From our quarries, we extract calcium carbonate (Ca Co3) of a 96% purity, ready to be used in the agricultural sector, lowering the acidity of the soil and controlling its PH (hydrostatic pressure).


Our quarries are located in the city of Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. They are:

  • 10 minutes from Las Americas Internatinal Airport
  • 5 minutes from Caucedo Multimodal Port
  • 30 minutes from Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic

Due to the easy access to our quarries, our international clients benefit from a substantial reduction in transportation costs.