About Our Company

The use of natural rocks such as coral stone and marble in floors and cladding has had a big impact worldwide during the last few years, in the world of both design and construction.

From the finest coral stone quarries in the Dominican Republic, we excavate the type of product our clients deserve, with a quality that characterizes us, while strictly maintaining a rigorous quality-assurance process.

Our company owns the best Dominican coral stone and marble, and along with the best Italian technology, we are able to make products that allow your projects to be true works of art...

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  • What is coral stone?

    Coral stone is a natural product found in quarries. The stone is distinguished
    by fossilized inlays and marks of sea organisms such as corals, calcareous algae that excrete carbonate, and other fossilized organisms with a base of calcium carbonate.

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  • Our Quarries

    Our quarries are large enough to allow us to offer our clients homogeneous products regardless of the quantity required for any project...

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Our Products

  • Natural Coral Stone

    Our natural coral stone leaves our quarries, with no chemical alterations. We produce
    beautiful pieces that will satisfy even the most demanding of tastes. It luxuriously adorns and creates beautiful landscapes, constructions, floors, pool decks, and much more.

  • Finishes

    In addition to its natural beauty, our coral stone comes in many beautiful and brilliant finishes. Among these are chiseled, honed and filled, the luster and smoothness of polished, the beautiful climatic effects of the brushed, with chiseled or beveled edges. We have a great variety to choose from.